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The Human Individual Replication System

December 13, 2016

Questioning to become yourself!

Have you ever experienced that tiny moment when you are about to tell the world your opinion about something and in the same second ask yourself if your belief is actually true and underlines your personality?


Well, what i am about to share with you is that most of your beliefs and your personal attitude is actually not yours at all!


Our mind has already been pre-configured since early childhood. To be more exact, in the very young age from birth to 8 years, our mind is developing it’s own critical filter. During this time, we are taught by everyone around us how to judge things, what is right and what is wrong. All beliefs about every single little thing is at first only a duplication of our parent’s beliefs and our surrounding environment. Of course their is more criteria to shape our mind-set such as religious background, social situation, environmental circumstances and economical condition, but it still does not allow you to be “really you” but creates more a kind of a individual replication of our surroundings.


Does this mean, that I am not myself? Maybe — but not necessarily!


The only way to become authentic and individual is to question! Question everything what makes you think, what makes you feel uncomfortable or gives you a ‘gut’ feeling. You need to find out if you really agree to all those things that you have ever been taught. Does everything make sense to you? Does it serve a purpose in your life?

We still do so much just because it “has always been this way” even if we don’t like it or if we disagree. We follow rules which do not serve us and remain silent to statements and orders which are outdated! Just imagine the enormous potential if we would only have the courage to stand up for CHANGE. We could invent something completely new! Something our way and something that might even fit better into this highly developed environment of the future.


Questioning outdated beliefs and rules is the only way for you to become unique and build on the essence that will allow you to stand out of the crowd!


Encourage yourself to become YOU!

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