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Published Author  |  Relaxation Teacher

Clinical Hypnotherapist

"We are responsible to raise more conscious, healthy, and independent children who are equipped with the necessary skills and tools to manage their own mental well-being"

Stephanie was born and brought up in Germany where she spent most of her time. With her very early journey through marriage, divorce, being a single parent with a full time job and studying, she faced a lot of social imposed pressures from her environment.

During this phase of her life she started to question why people still stick to certain outdated beliefs and rules and therefor limit themselves and even pass it on further to their own children.

She realized that a limited mindset is, why people fail to grow and in order to understand the scientific part behind it, she started to study the Human Mind and became a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Conflict Manager & Meditation & Relaxation Teacher for children and adults.

During her studies she met many people with stress related anxiety and felt immediate urge to help, and that's when she founded change-your-mind.org

Teacher of Science  |  Relaxation Teacher

Lead Practitioner of Teaching & Learning

"The overall outcome is to develop the minds of children who can use the relaxation therapy, to manage their own emotions intelligently and  to be able to interact with their peers successfully, contribute to society and make a difference."

Waheeda was born in the UK, where she spent the majority of her life growing up in North London and education was at the heart of her upbringing. In 2006, she became a teacher of biology, chemistry and physics; teaching children aged 11-16.

In 2007, she wrote a series of lessons under the umbrella themed title ‘Myself and My Community’ and had her work published and distributed to schools in the London Borough of Barnet.

By 2016 she became a ‘Lead Practitioner of Teaching and Learning’

In the same year, she met Stephanie and both bonded immediately. Having a shared passion in making a difference in the world of education, inspiring the mindset of adults and the younger generation alike, they both recognise the value of teaching self worth, and what this could mean to society as a whole. Waheeda is acting as the General Manager in Dubai, UAE.