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If you want to be part of the evolution, instead of being overrolled by it, tune in to Soul Level! I truly believe that clarity, honesty, authenticity and the willpower to do what all of us are here for, willl have the major impact on the present and future. Soul Communication is a technique you can learn, and it is your birth right to be able to communicate with your Soul, although most people have forgotten how it works.

Using this technique for yourself will enable you to walk through your processes and your life with the best guidance ever, since your Soul has created you and knows your Life Plan, as well as the Divine Plan that all beings align to. It is a very honest and direct way of working, and you will learn self discipline along the way as well.

If you have enough exercise and you start supporting others on their individual paths, it will enable you to learn a lot about Soul Level and the interactions between humans and their souls. You will be able to provide them with information that keeps them from circling around spending time, energy, nerves and often enough also money without positive outcome.  

It will also open your mind to get glimpses on how the Universe works and how decisions influence a lot. It will grow you wiser although you might never be able to stop asking questions, and your life will be a lot more interesting. Your system will change slightly, and you will grow closer towards your Soul. You will be of service to creation and all living beings according to the Divine Order. It will be a lot easier for you to handle your ego and your shadow parts, as well as foreign energies. Your system will become purer and wiser on all levels, and others searching for freedom and guidance for their highest good will feel resonance to you.

Iris Kraml-Weber

My name is Iris Kraml-Weber, and I live & work in Austria.

I work as a messenger between the Soul Level and the human existence.

I am using a technique in which I directly receive information from Soul Level, transmit the information and I also teach it.

Last year, with founding the School of Easy Living, I created a place for my seminars and books that I have channeled from Soul Level and these are being taught by 5 School of Easy Living trainers in Europe.

I will also teach internationally in English language.

If you are interested in my work, please contact me and I am sure that we can find a way to set up something in your area/country.

Contents of my seminars:

  • Essential oil anointments* which harmonize, stabilize, free and support you on all energy levels – sometimes done with stones as well

  • Soul Communication

  • Activating your potentials and making it easier for you to bring them into life for the highest good of all


*We only work with Young Living’s essential oils for the anointings in order to ensure the necessary purity and quality. As you’ll have to bring your own oils to the seminars, please get in contact and ask for support with the purchase & sign-up process. We are very happy to assist and support you.