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Generation Reboot is a powerful guide for 21st-century parents navigating their way through modern-day parenthood.

Stephanie Lal hits home with stories about the harsh realities of parenting and how ones’ own emotional and mental wellbeing impacts future generations.

The book speaks to parents who want to raise more conscious, healthy, and independent children who are equipped with the necessary skills to think for themselves in an ever-changing, fast-paced global environment.


Lal breaks it all down into eight rules for change and explains them through the lens of her own experiences growing up in a restrictive social environment and dealing with the pressures of family life.


Simple, practical, and doable, the steps for change Lal teaches in much needed hope for the potential of our next generation to be free from the burdens of our times, and equipped to think independently and make the right choices in their own lives. The good news is, the power for creating this change lies in the loving and willing hands of you; the parent.


"What a brilliant read. Simple, straight forward and crisp!" 

Stephanie has beautifully explained the power of mind through her own life's experiences. I couldn't agree more to the fact that our mind is the root cause of most problems and at the same time the solutions to those issues are in the mind as well...all we need is to be more aware to understand that.

Being a mainstream Doctor myself who has successfully integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy in my practice I see such positive changes working through the mind .

Stephanie has explained theory of mind brilliantly to make the reader understand the basics and how raising a child with more awareness is so crucial.



Dr. Sonia Gupte

MD. Dip Family Medicine RCGP UK

Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Transpersonal Regression Therapist 

TASSO Institute Holland

You read it in less than two hours and receive inspirations for months and years. Stephanie Lal surprises you with her freedom in thinking combined with a striking Can Do Mentality. By learning how to master your feelings and expectations  you can raise your children to self driven and conscious humans."

Michael Söding

CEO, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket


Stephanie Lal provides an honest and thought-provoking insight into the challenging societal norms that our children are being confronted with today. Through her own personal reflection, she introduces the root causes behind the many insecurities that distract parents from giving their children the necessary tools to become the best version of themselves that they can be.

Stephanie offers some practical tips and advice on how to celebrate your individuality and liberate yourself from the judgment of others. Generation Reboot is a poignant reminder for parents and educators on the value of this individuality in our children.


Brendon Fulton

Principal, Dubai British School


As a mother to two small children, Stephanie's book is not only insightful and informative ,but a really fun read. A lot of the information really resonates with me. It's a book that I can apply to my everyday life and would recommend to everyone just dealing with life's up and down in general .Can't wait to read more books from Stephanie in the future ! 

Kyra Blair

Cook, Teacher, Nanny, Nurse, Body guard, Driver, Counselor, Comforter

Full Time Mom