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Martina Wolf

My name is Martina Wolf.

I am a trained and listed Veterinary Naturopath and Energetic Healer.

With "AUENMUT" our training and development center, I have created the perfect environment to combine my passion of supporting and healing all mankind and animals, as well as activating and strengthen the bond between them. Both sides, humans and animals can benefit from each other. This is the foundation of AUENMUT.

The heart of my work is to support horses in their statics. I am doing this through Dorn-Therapy, a gentle joint and spinal column therapy that has been developed for humans and has been successfully adapted a few years ago to the anatomy of animals.

With the aid of body movements, vertebrae and joints will be brought back to their optimal position. With this treatment, the horse will find back to his ideal statics and the success will be visible very quickly.

All my treatments as well as my seminars & workshops for both, human and animal beings, were given to my by soul level and I am very pleased to pass all this precious information further to you!


Martina Wolf