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The Mental Health Foundation is the UK’s leading mental health research charity, dedicated to finding and addressing the sources of mental health problems. Through evidence-based research we aim to prevent future mental health problems occurring and educate people on how they can maintain good mental health. To read about one of our projects that helps support young people with their mental health you can read about our Peer Education Project here-https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/projects/peer-education-project-pep

Hypnotherapy is scientifically recognized and taps into the healing power of the inner mind -the subconscious mind. Through a systematic and methodical series of steps for guided relaxation, intense concentration and focused attention you are taken deep into the subconscious mind to create real and lasting changes from within.

Dr. Sonia Gupte has successfully treated many patients with Hypnotherapy with various conditions including :
Stress management, Weight Reduction, Enhancing Concentration and Focus to achieve ones goals, Addictions, Phobias & Fears,  Chronic Pain, Sleep Disorders, Smoking Cessation, Behavior Issues, Depression, Relationship Issues, Chronic Disease like Gastritis and Constipation 

Dr. Sonia Gupte

MD. Dip Family Medicine RCGP UK

Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Transpersonal Regression Therapist 

TASSO Institute Holland 

The DreamWork Collective is a custom publishing and consulting agency specialising in the publication of personal growth and wellness books that share an inspirational message or story, and offers budding self-help writers, and those with a story to share, a stress-free and supportive way to get their message out into the world.

Mellisa Dormoy

Best Selling Author & Founder of ShambalaKids

Mellisa Dormoy, a certified hypnotherapist, is a dedicated teacher and author with a focus on children's self-esteem and happiness. She is the founder of Shambala Kids & Teens, which produces guided relaxation audio CDs, programs, and classes to help children and teens with a range of common issues including self-esteem, stress management, and goal attainment.

The American Alliance of Hypnotists is dedicated to the training and promotion of the world’s top hypnotists.

We believe firmly that hypnosis is a major part of the future of healing in a world which is becoming more enlightened about non drug-based therapies. Though we do not dispute the value of traditional medicine in many cases, we fully embrace a model of health care which emphasizes the power of the individual’s mind in healing and general well-being. Therefore, we remain vigilant in our successful efforts to educate people about hypnosis.